Friday, December 10, 2010


As a nation we used to respect elected officials who had passion, intelligence and oratory skills; some of us still honor those who do.

It is unlikely however, and I say this with great sadness, that many of the current US Senators, including the pair from Massachusetts, could hold a match to Mr. Sanders' vision and light.

It's time to raise the bar and support those who have a clear and progressive vision for this country.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Emergency Planning Building Capacity

Check out the Town of Monson Emergency Preparedness conversation with community members, Liz Manley-Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Coordinator and me at the Monson Free Library (click November 16, 2010 Emergency Preparedness).

Thank you to our MRC volunteers, the Monson Board of Health, Council on Aging, School Department, Monson Free Library, the Local Emergency Planning Committee, American Red Cross-Pioneer Valley Chapter, Board of Selectmen, Mass211, M-PACT-TV and our First Responders - Police, Fire and EMTs.

For more information about family emergency preparedness go to

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eclectic list of signs at "Rally for Sanity and/or Fear"

CREDIT to Don Chauls for sharing the below stories:

Subject: Signs at the Stewart/Colbert rally
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 19:51:31 -0400

There were so many people on the mall Saturday that I was unable to see or hear anything from the stage. I guess the organizers were not expecting so many, and thus did not place speakers far enough back for the last two-thirds of us. Since I couldn't follow what was happening on the stage, I used my time to collect signs.

My collection was totally eclectic, its only rule being that I had to be able to read the entire sign. Much to my surprise, very few of them were printed; at least 95% (other than those that just touted 'sanity' and 'fear') were unique, hand-written signs. They covered a very wide range of topics - with pro-Democratic and anti-Tea Party or Glenn Beck or Fox being in the majority (or perhaps just a plurality), but by no means overwhelming. A few were Republican. Many focused on keeping the dialogue civil. Some made no sense at all.

Rather than attempt to organize them in any way, here they are:

· $2 billion a day for war isn’t security. It’s a scandal.

· A fact ignored is no less true.

· A pox on Fox.

· A true American eats bald eagle eggs.

· America seems cranky. Time for a night.

· Apprehensive Canadians for truthiness.

· Assuming either the left wing or the right wing gained control of the country, it would

probably fly around in circles. –Pat Paulsen

· Be afraid. It’s all going to hell.

· Be the change you wish to see in the world. –Gandhi

· Bipartisanship is not gay hookup.

· Boycott Arizona.

· Can common and sense be legally remarried in the USA?

· Canadians for a sensible America.

· Change hurts, but I like it.

· Charter schools are good sometimes, but not always.

· Civil discourse sound sane to me.

· Civil war was an inside job.

· Civilized debate should be an oxymoron.

· Class warrior.

· Comedians make better news anchors.

· Corporations are not We the People.

· Crazy about sanity.

· Dear God, please protect us against your ‘good’ people.

· Dear Press: Please report the news instead of sensationalizing it. You are giving me a


· Decibels do not good arguments make.

· Dialog not diatribe.

· Did some1 say chimichanga.

· Disagree agreeably.

· Divided we all fall.

· Don’t let NO win.

· Don’t like government? Move to Somalia (take your AK-47).

· Don’t touch my death panels.

· Don’t tread on anyone. It’s rude.

· Dumb [picture of Sarah Palin] and dumber [picture of Christine O’Donnell]

· Eat more and bigger pretzels.

· Ecology not economy.

· Education doesn’t make you an elitist. It makes you smart.

· Election 2000: It’s not your vote that counts. It’s how your vote is counted.

· End the electoral college.

· End the two-party system.

· Everyone on earth is unique and beautiful. How can we trust them?

· Evidence based government.

· Extreme fundamental orthodox moderate.

· Extreme moderate.

Fear Obama’s Xcellence

· Fear all GOD experts

· Floridians




· Fox keeps fear alive.

· Fox lies 4 ratings.

· Fox News says I’m not here right now.

· Fox News: fibs and balderdash.

· Fred says won’t you be my neighbor?

· Freedom of speech does not negate common sense.

· Friends don’t let friends teabag.

· Get high on political awareness.

· Get the government out of my federal entitlement programs.

· Get your church out of my state.

· Go Steelers.

· Got PIISD? (Private Insurance Induced Stress Disorder) Get the cure: Improved Medicare for All.

· Got schools? police? fire departments? medical care? etc.? etc.? Brought to you by your government and paid for by your taxes.

· Gravity is only a theory.

· Grizzly bears are taking our jobs.

· Grizzly bears. Foxes. Elephants. When did my country turn into a circus?

· Hate the deficit. Legalize and tax marijuana.

· He who slings mud loses ground.

· He’s black. Get over it.

· Health care for everyone is not socialism. It’s humane – and sane. Just ask a Canadian.

· Hey Congress: Stop fighting. Get to work.

· Hey Tea Baggers. We don’t want the government you deserve.

· Hi mom. I’m an atheist.

· How can we have a conversation if you answer questions with talking points.

· I am afraid of tornados and I’m reasonably worried about religious fundamentalists.

· I am not a witch. I just don’t know the Constitution.

· I am not afraid to be afraid.

· I am the silent majority and I vote.

· I can be persuaded by a logical argument.

· I can see Obama’s birth certificate from my front porch.

· I don’t do original thought very well.

· I don’t know, but my gut says ‘maybe.’

· I fear the Washington Monument is turning me gay.

· I know how to spell. Yes, I’m an elitist.

· I masturbate and I vote.

· I may disagree with you, but I won’t curbstone you unless you’re a bear.

· I only trust pollution I can see.

· I pitty the fool that suports heath reform.

· I respect your right to say stupid things.

· I support privatized fire departments.

· I support the bowel movement.

· I think U R Hitler cuz I disagree with U.

· I think; therefore I’m here.

· I’m a Republican, but I’m not with stupid [picture of Glenn Beck].

· I’m calm. I’m rational. And I’m not going to take it anymore.

· I’m from Arizona. I apologize.

· I’m listening to you. Maybe you should try that.

· I’m not a witch…burn her anyway.

· I’m not afraid, but I’m insane.

· I’m right. You’re wrong. God said so.

· Icitation needed.

· If ignorance is bliss, then why are Glenn Beck supporters so unhappy?

· If Obama is a Muslim, can we have Fridays off?

· If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

· If U R here but don’t vote Tuesday, wtf?

· If you listen to Fox, you got a head full of rocks.

· If your beliefs fit on a sign, think harder.

· Imagine living in reality.

· In sanity we trust. Vote smart.

· It’s a democracy, not an auction.

· It’s loaded and I’m not afraid to use it. [picture of a brain]

· It’s not us vs. them cuz we’re all us.

· It’s OK to disagree. Just please use your indoor voice.

· Jesus, please protect us from us followers.

· Jon Stewart is a witch.

· Keep Boehner flaccid. Vote Democratic.

· Kentuckians against head stomping.

· Legalize gay pot.

· Let’s put other mustaches on Obama.

· Let’s use science from now on.

· Liberty and justice for all includes immigrants and gays.

· Love un employ meant.

· Make it so.

· Make mine saniTea.

· Men and women get along usually. Democrats and Republicans can too.

· Mississippi gay couples say “be nice…y’all.”

· My 16-year old students don’t even use terms like fascism, communism, and socialism

interchangeably. Sadly our leaders do.

· Not tired of defending Obama.

· Now I’m no racist but…aren’t puppies adorable?

· Obama cares.

· Obama is right-handed, just like Hitler.

· Overall I’m pretty happy.

· Overcome with fear? Free hugs here

· Palin Beck 2012 – lipstick and dipstick.

· Perhaps we can find an amicable compromise.

· Please don’t feed the protesters.

· Pro Zombie.

· Progressive values are American values.

· Public education matters in a democracy.

· Read, reason.

· Reason is pleasin’.

· Red states pay less and get more. Are you sure you are for less government?

· Regulate boardrooms, not bedrooms.

· Relax people. I think we’ll be OK.

· Repeal the third amendment.

· Repeating your point does not make your statement valid. Repeating your point does not

make your statement valid.

· Respect my intelligence.

· Respect my right to choose.

· Restore sanity. Glenn Beck not playing with a full deck.

· Restore sanity. Legalize pot.

· Restore sanity. Senators should end the unconstitutional filibuster.

· Run for your lives.

· Run marathons, not deficits.

· Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement: the Joseph McCarthy Red Scare of my generation.

· Separation of corporation and state.

· Settle the kettle. Run for your lives.

· So let’s have coffee.

· Solar powered clothes dryer. Free starter kit.

· Solutions not ideologies.

· Southerners know crazy when we see it.

· Stop bitching. Start a revolution.

· Stop illegal migration. Keep Canadian geese from entering our country.

· Stop Socialism! Boycott public roads, bridges, air traffic control, public sewers, firefighters,

police, parks, schools, and the military.

· Stop using Jesus as an excuse for being a narrow-minded bigoted a—hole.

· Stop whining. Vote.

· Support our President.

· Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.

· Tea – the new koolade.

· Tea parties are for little girls with imaginary friends.

· Thank you Fox News for keeping us inflamed.

· The asses of evil [triangle with Palin, Beck, and Tea Party at the corners}

· The Constitution means whatever we say it means.

· The voices in my head voted 8-3 in favor of sanity.

· There is always money in the banana stand.

· There is no cure for Bieber fever.

· There is not a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

· There was only one Hitler and he is dead. I should know; I’m Jewish.

· Things are looking better.

· Think outside the Fox.

· Think with your brain, not your tea bag.

· Think! It’s good for the country.

· Thinking is a liberal bias.

· Thinking like Glenn Beck has been known to cause blindness.

· This is the first sign of the apocalypse (buy gold).

· This rally’s insane.

· This sign doesn’t say anything.

· Throw the tea party overboard.

· Time to take our country back forward.

· Trick or treaters are socialists. Say no to handouts.

· Truthiness b/c the truth is more complicated.

· USA equals one nation, not 2 annoying political parties.

· Wake up America. Just kidding; go back to sleep.

· War without a draft is not democratic.

· We are not all jerks.

· We are sending you back to Alaska for a Time Out.

· We can’t afford another proudly ignorant President. [picture of Sarah Palin]

· We dislike hate.

· We have nothing to fear but Colbert himself.

· We march for hope not hate.

· We need more cowbell.

· We want sanity, not Hannity.

· We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason. –Edward R Murrow

· We’re fired up, Obama.

· When did intelligence become a curse word?

· When the power of love overcomes the love

Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Emergency Preparedness Training - no charge

On November 9th at the Monson Free Library we are offering a no-cost common sense family preparedness training to better prepare and respond to emergencies.

We will talk about pet/animal care in disasters, too. Open to all folks interested in region.

Monson Free Library, 2 High Street, Monson. 6-7:45pm....we have to be gone before 8pm!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My work is a special calling

Truly, I am blessed to be in the right field at the right time. Meaningful, pragmatic and tangible results are the norm. To be of service to is a special calling.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 23rd Equinox

I am a soul
A divine spark of the Infinite
That gave birth to this universe.

I remember Who I am

and serve the Greater Purpose of Life
as One with All That is.

I came here with many other souls

to assist in the expansion of Light
on this living planet Earth.

I accept to let Love

Be the guiding beacon of my life
and to shine Its radiance in every moment.

I am a soul

and the sole purpose of my existence
is to be All That I Am.

So be it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Smarten-UP America!

I am starting a new campaign to end the dumbing-down of our country, media and citizens. Working on a couple of logos let me know what you think.
"Smarten-UP America" ;
Just say, "NO" to Dumbing-down;

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jimmy bored to tears

It was a lovely day, bright and sunny in Springfield, Massachusetts when a very bored Jim Cline interviewed me for the obligatory 3o sec. spot for anti-casino position in the 2:37 minute report about Mohegan Sun laying of 5% of workforce.

Plenty of nutter for this fluff!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembrance Day Ceremony

East Longmeadow hosted a lovely Remembrance Ceremony. Let us remember peace, unity and liberty are the tenets of a flourishing society. Revenge, bitterness and vitriol all need the healing of God's light and grace. This has been and will always be true on the personal, community and global level. All spiritual lessons are grounded in forgiveness....easier said than done.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pols, pols, pols

The magnanimous, larger than life, High Sheriff and Auditor candidate Guy Glodis has not had a good week. But the political fodder is priceless. ...sorry, Guy I could not resist sharing.
If only the talent at Blue Mass Group could do a caricature of Petrolati (Petrolati-Ludlow) and Buoniconti (Buoniconti-West Springfield) for the benefit of western MA.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010 - Damn, what a year!

2010 - Damn, what a year!

It began with lots of hope, energy, enthusiasm....plans for a big August birthday party. Professional life good - lots of creativity and freedom. Civic activities totally over the top with time commitment, but meeting fabulous people and exercising skills in the public forums at the statehouse, media - print, radio and television.

A slowly evolving (10 year) decision became obvious and I initiated action.

I became caught in a cyclone of activity, emotion and an indescribable confluence of events.

My dearest, brave father passed the day before the House feigned deliberation on legalizing slot barns/casinos. I loved him so much and do so today. We had a special connection that few in the world ever experience. I said the Serenity Prayer with him at MGH the night before he left. He was sad, I had never seen him frown before and I knew he was lonely and would miss us. He died at 7:17am on Tuesday, April 13, 2010. His birthday was 7/17/1925.

I am lonely and miss him......just in the other the blue sky where I see his gorgeous eyes.

My body had already been shutting down with emotional flooding and stress and I didn't even realize I had lost a lot of weight.

Grief and stress have a way with the human body of taking control and making choices to change or suffer really obvious. The years of excessive busyness came to a crashing end....hopefully I have learned a lesson - time will tell.

My path is feels revolutionary but it is actually evolutionary and has been in process for a long time. Seeking more clarity for the next steps.

Despite being depleted, hospitalized and having some fantasies ripped away, I am still seeking to do the, "next right thing" and enjoyed the brilliant summer sunshine.

2010 - Damn, what a year!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The House of Slytherin

Go now! Don't stop and think just do it, go now to Gladys Kravitz and don't stop reading or laughing til you get to the House of Slytherin, then ROFLYAO!

Friday, July 16, 2010

MRC Minute

youtube of my real job

-enjoy, I am so fortunate to have the work that I do and the great people I work with.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

ALWV.Casino Discussion.June.2010.VOB

League discusses slots/casinos with USS Mass

Please share this video with your network. It is a brief, casual conversation between Amherst League of Women Voters host, Alice Swift and me on the issue of expanding predatory gambling.

The only thing that is inevitable about slots/casinos is corruption.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lady Liberty

The distractions that Americans fall prey to are limitless....and the diversions that politicians create to deflect the failure of serious debate and solutions is unmatched. While touring NYC with Monson's 8th grade class we were went to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on the day that the MA state senate passed redundant laws further marginalizing undocumented/"illegal aliens".

Here's a little video thing I put together that I hope tells the story of the principles of our country. Immigration has always been a challenging and emotional issue....what we need is an intelligent discussion about solutions.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


What is Inevitable if casinos and slots are legalized in Massachusetts?

More Corruption, Crime and Costs for the taxpayers.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Time Warp

More jobs across the spectrum were created in one month in Massachusetts - last month, than any casino will bring - without the costs, impacts and human pain of gambling addiction. It seems at times to this observer that many politicians are twenty years or more behind current research and lack vision for the future.....with some exceptions for whom I am grateful, as they give me hope.

Legalizing casinos in the Commonwealth is a bone-headed, backward, brain-dead, bad idea.

That's right, I said it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It was never "inevitable"

It was never “inevitable” May 17, 2010

United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts (USS Mass) opposes the legalization of expanded predatory gambling, slots/casinos in the Commonwealth. A strong contingency in the southeastern region has been pushing back against the false statements that a Middleboro casino was, “inevitable” for over three years. They were certainly right as the Wampanoag’s have announced that they have gone gambling-site shopping with their foreign investors, to the non-tribal lands of Fall River. The Middleboro fiasco was never a “done deal”, it may have been a colossal “dumb deal” as it was crafted by myopic local officials, muscled by labor, pledged by felon representatives of the tribe and thrust down the throats of voters in the midst of the summer heat, but it was never, “inevitable”.

The federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) enables federally recognized tribes to develop and operate tax-free gambling facilities to the level of what is legal in the state where their tribal lands exist. Currently, there are no lands that have been placed into trust for a tribe in Massachusetts and slots/casinos are not legal. The one and only way to insure that tax-free foreign backed corporations do not profit from the Massachusetts taxpayers is to not legalize slots/casinos.

The abuse of IGRA, which was created as economic opportunity for Native American tribes, abounds with billionaire foreign and domestic investors using the tribes as the “front men” for them to expand their power and wealth. How do they amass wealth? They capture wealth through the systematic expansion and addiction of gamblers, particularly from the proliferation of manipulative electronically programmed slot machines.

People are angry that politicians allowed and facilitated the out-sourcing of jobs from the Commonwealth and the US to other countries, over the past three decades. People are angry that we have an astronomical national debt that is owed to other countries. People are angry at bailing out billionaires and corporations. Now, it appears that some politicians in Massachusetts want to allow foreign investors to set-up facilities that drain local economies, negatively impact families and create extensive cost burdens upon municipalities and taxpayers. These same politicians have failed their basic fiduciary responsibilities by not performing a comprehensive cost analysis of the legislation that has been put forth.

Senate President Therese Murray (D-Plymouth) and Governor Patrick have the power and responsibility to kill the Speaker’s Special Interest Gambling bill and not legalize slots/casinos. There is nothing to stop the tribal entities interested in Middleboro, Fall River, Palmer and other sites from changing their minds-yet again, and petitioning Congress for the right to establish sovereign tax-free facilities that are exempt from environmental impact studies, regulations and the laws of the Commonwealth. Legalizing one slot machine is legalizing one too many.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Andy Rooney Gets Its

Andy Rooney gets what the Speaker's Special Interest Gambling Bill and the Senate's forthcoming Sucker's Bill is all about.

When small towns get creamed

The lovely rural town of Warren, MA recently held a forum on the potential impacts of a casino in their community or if one were sited in neighboring Palmer. Many people first heard of Warren following the tragic abduction and murder of Molly Bish from Cummings Pond in the small quiet community. It is a community that carries a heavy heart still for Molly and her beautiful family.

Resident Keith Nicholos is quoted in the article as somehow thinking that a commericial casino in Palmer would provide the town with more input in the licensing and regulations than if it were a native american operated casino. For over 2 1/2 years representatives from Warren, Palmer and the surrounding communities have met and studied the impacts on the region should the state legislature and governor be so foolish to legalize class III ain't pretty and none of the western MA casino task force recommendations were included in the Speaker's Special Interest Gambling bill. Sorry, Keith - casinos cream small towns.

The politicians want to be able to say that they "created jobs" and get out of office with their pensions and/or cushy next "appointment" before the everlasting costs of this predatory industry surface and the taxpayer finds she is left holding the bill for the impacts/costs.

One could start longing for the days of honest crooks like Al Capone that did their dirty work in the light of day....not behind closed doors on Beacon Hill and Wall Street.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Speaker's Special Interests Gambling Bill

We The People have a few questions:

How much did we the taxpayers pay for the second Spectrum Gaming benefit analysis?

UMass Dartmough has benefit analysis paid in part by taxpayers, kids tuition and gambling interests produced every time one is needed by the is that allowed?

Why do you refuse to have a cost analysis?

Why do you state that you met with opponents, when that does not appear to be the case, we ask again with whom did you meet?

Why was the bill, that did not receive a public hearing, and was rammed through Mr. Dempsey's committee immediately following the Easter holiday, not given more time for legislators to read it?

How many legislators did not have time to read it?

How many legislators have not had the time to fully analyze the gambling bill that has no cost analysis while being pressured by proponents?

How are the taxpayers supposed to know what is in the bill and to dialog with their legislators on a bill of this magnitude that is being "fast-tracked" through the House?

Why are no-bid sweetheart licenses that will yield billions for the owners/investors, not required to followed competitive bid processes as outlined in Mass General Laws?

Why are the casino licenses that will yield multi-billions to the often out-of-state owners and investors being given away at a fraction of their value?

Why are you not accounting for the businesses and jobs that will be lost when people spend their money on slots instead of services in the local economy?

Are those people expendable?

When are you going to tell people that the local aid gambling fund is merely an offset for the losses to will occur when the lottery takes a hit?

When are you going to let the people know that there are not enough revenues to offset the costs?

What is the cost of the new state police department?

What is the cost of the new AG department?

What is the cost to implement the economic crime bill statutes?

Do you know that we know, that the responsibility of House Ways & Means is to review all bills and that they passed the Special Interests Gambling Bill in a nanosecond, without a Fiscal Note - on your watch?

This bill is tainted. Vote NO.

Friday, April 9, 2010

USS Mass on Braude Broadside

Had a quick chat with Jim Braude on Broadside last night. Lots of fun....interesting how the people who know how things work are against the Speaker's special interest gambling bill.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big - Blind redux

Do you read the weekly dig? They had the best article, "The Big-Blind" detailing the process of the Patrick Administration's research and sources for the failed three casino proposal. No independent analysis, questionable researcher/studies, no citizen input and a closed process.

This might shock you but the exact same mistakes are being made on Beacon Hill with the super-secret slots bill that is being crafted behind closed doors. What information has been reviewed? Why has the Speaker refused an independent analysis? How is it that Clyde Barrows continues to be referenced in reputable media for his one-sided slots-benefit proposals that are funded by Massachusetts taxpayers and of course, the gambling industry? Clyde's patron origin "methodology (cough, cough)" is examined in the Big-Blind as well as critiqued by journalists and academics. Let me make a wild guess....Clyde (who is not an economist) will release a report real soon telling us how great slots are for the economy and future of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is truly a wonder we have survived this long without slots - the wunderkind of politicians looking for a quick fix. Slots are a hoax upon the public that has not been given the facts about the costs and long-term economic drain of slot parlors and casinos.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Due Diligence Before Legalizing Slots/Casinos

Well, I have had my fill of being attacked for having a position on an issue that I care about.

The nasty comments that some people make (usually anonymously) on the internet are not contributing to the betterment of society.

It has been stated recently that I own a convenience store and that is why I am against casinos. Wrong.
Posters have described me as a moonbat, conservative, scold, someone who overly uses statistics, educated (framed as if it were a curse), religious zealot and other comments.

Here are my words why I am opposed to legalizing class III predatory gambling, slots/casinos.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr . Speaker - where does our money go?

When a regressive, back-door tax that sucks money out of local economies, harms small businesses and families is the only idea that the Massachusetts Speaker of the House can muster, there is a serious deficit of creative and courageous thinking.

(excerpt from State House News)

The big-ticket stuff comes next. DeLeo has spent … well, more or less the entirety of his legislative career working on a bill that would expand gambling in Massachusetts, and the fruit could be borne next week. Casinos. Slots. Bob DeLeo becoming the public face of the casino culture in Massachusetts, the one and the same culture against which his predecessor railed, and against which DeLeo himself voted, less than two years ago. Times change, the reps who are meeting with constituents to explain why they were against casinos before they were for them will say. It’s about jobs now, they’ll say, or already have.

Craven flip-flop in the face of an about-face in leadership? Principled, economy-driven policy evolution? What’s the etiquette for convincing constituents that you’ve “grown” on an issue when, privately and sheepishly, you wouldn’t swear on a stack of one-eyed jacks that what you’ve done wasn’t taking an assignment from your chamber’s titular head and fulfilling it?

Sometimes, within the environs of the Great and General Court, it is polite to let the demons win.

(The article continues) DeLeo batted down questions this week about where the $378,000 in taxpayer dollars allocated in the People v. Sal DiMasi actually went.

Mr Speaker - Oh where, oh where does our money go? And we're supposed to trust the General Court with expanded gambling?

Perhaps the mess we are in is due to the "demons winning". This is the height of poor public and poor fiscal policy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bax and O'Brien ask me out

I had a little fun Friday morning with the boys over at WAQY Rock 102fm. The classic rock station is located in the neighboring community of East Longmeadow and reaches Worcester to the Berkshires.

Tell me or them what you think.

Friday, February 12, 2010

This Patrick/Murray supporter likes this policy position by Jill Stein

I'm a Patrick/Murray supporter but I gotta tell ya, this policy statement by Jill Stein is on the money. First we had the boldness of Alan Khazei in the US Senate primary, now Ms. Stein, calls the shots on the predatory gambling/casino issue. C'mon back from the dark side Deval...we don't want that industry in the Commonwealth.

Predatory gambling

What if we taught our children not to gamble instead of inviting predatory gambling into the state to exploit our people?

• It’s time to take a closer look at the plans on Beacon Hill to invite gaming corporations to come into the state and use casinos and slot machines to extract money from the people of Massachusetts.

• It is well documented that the profitability of casinos is absolutely dependent upon problem gamblers — people who lose more than they can afford. In other words, these casinos have to destroy people’s financial security in order to make a profit.

• It is documented that building local casinos will lead to more gambling by giving people easier access to gambling opportunities.

• Casinos are job-killers because they take money out of the state rather than letting it circulate within our local economy.

• Casinos will produce bankruptcies, crime, divorces, alcoholism, corrupted politicians, and shattered dreams. Paying for the social services and damages they leave behind will cost us dearly. In the final analysis, casinos will raise our taxes — because they don’t pay their own way.

• Casinos will add yet another corrupting influence to Beacon Hill. And this is the last thing we need.

Before government forges a bond with the gambling industry we should consider the alternative: Raising revenues with fair and equitable taxes and letting our entertainment dollars help build a thriving local economy.

Jill Stein will refuse to expose our children to predatory gambling and its consequences