Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eclectic list of signs at "Rally for Sanity and/or Fear"

CREDIT to Don Chauls for sharing the below stories:

Subject: Signs at the Stewart/Colbert rally
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 19:51:31 -0400

There were so many people on the mall Saturday that I was unable to see or hear anything from the stage. I guess the organizers were not expecting so many, and thus did not place speakers far enough back for the last two-thirds of us. Since I couldn't follow what was happening on the stage, I used my time to collect signs.

My collection was totally eclectic, its only rule being that I had to be able to read the entire sign. Much to my surprise, very few of them were printed; at least 95% (other than those that just touted 'sanity' and 'fear') were unique, hand-written signs. They covered a very wide range of topics - with pro-Democratic and anti-Tea Party or Glenn Beck or Fox being in the majority (or perhaps just a plurality), but by no means overwhelming. A few were Republican. Many focused on keeping the dialogue civil. Some made no sense at all.

Rather than attempt to organize them in any way, here they are:

· $2 billion a day for war isn’t security. It’s a scandal.

· A fact ignored is no less true.

· A pox on Fox.

· A true American eats bald eagle eggs.

· America seems cranky. Time for a night.

· Apprehensive Canadians for truthiness.

· Assuming either the left wing or the right wing gained control of the country, it would

probably fly around in circles. –Pat Paulsen

· Be afraid. It’s all going to hell.

· Be the change you wish to see in the world. –Gandhi

· Bipartisanship is not gay hookup.

· Boycott Arizona.

· Can common and sense be legally remarried in the USA?

· Canadians for a sensible America.

· Change hurts, but I like it.

· Charter schools are good sometimes, but not always.

· Civil discourse sound sane to me.

· Civil war was an inside job.

· Civilized debate should be an oxymoron.

· Class warrior.

· Comedians make better news anchors.

· Corporations are not We the People.

· Crazy about sanity.

· Dear God, please protect us against your ‘good’ people.

· Dear Press: Please report the news instead of sensationalizing it. You are giving me a


· Decibels do not good arguments make.

· Dialog not diatribe.

· Did some1 say chimichanga.

· Disagree agreeably.

· Divided we all fall.

· Don’t let NO win.

· Don’t like government? Move to Somalia (take your AK-47).

· Don’t touch my death panels.

· Don’t tread on anyone. It’s rude.

· Dumb [picture of Sarah Palin] and dumber [picture of Christine O’Donnell]

· Eat more and bigger pretzels.

· Ecology not economy.

· Education doesn’t make you an elitist. It makes you smart.

· Election 2000: It’s not your vote that counts. It’s how your vote is counted.

· End the electoral college.

· End the two-party system.

· Everyone on earth is unique and beautiful. How can we trust them?

· Evidence based government.

· Extreme fundamental orthodox moderate.

· Extreme moderate.

Fear Obama’s Xcellence

· Fear all GOD experts

· Floridians




· Fox keeps fear alive.

· Fox lies 4 ratings.

· Fox News says I’m not here right now.

· Fox News: fibs and balderdash.

· Fred says won’t you be my neighbor?

· Freedom of speech does not negate common sense.

· Friends don’t let friends teabag.

· Get high on political awareness.

· Get the government out of my federal entitlement programs.

· Get your church out of my state.

· Go Steelers.

· Got PIISD? (Private Insurance Induced Stress Disorder) Get the cure: Improved Medicare for All.

· Got schools? police? fire departments? medical care? etc.? etc.? Brought to you by your government and paid for by your taxes.

· Gravity is only a theory.

· Grizzly bears are taking our jobs.

· Grizzly bears. Foxes. Elephants. When did my country turn into a circus?

· Hate the deficit. Legalize and tax marijuana.

· He who slings mud loses ground.

· He’s black. Get over it.

· Health care for everyone is not socialism. It’s humane – and sane. Just ask a Canadian.

· Hey Congress: Stop fighting. Get to work.

· Hey Tea Baggers. We don’t want the government you deserve.

· Hi mom. I’m an atheist.

· How can we have a conversation if you answer questions with talking points.

· I am afraid of tornados and I’m reasonably worried about religious fundamentalists.

· I am not a witch. I just don’t know the Constitution.

· I am not afraid to be afraid.

· I am the silent majority and I vote.

· I can be persuaded by a logical argument.

· I can see Obama’s birth certificate from my front porch.

· I don’t do original thought very well.

· I don’t know, but my gut says ‘maybe.’

· I fear the Washington Monument is turning me gay.

· I know how to spell. Yes, I’m an elitist.

· I masturbate and I vote.

· I may disagree with you, but I won’t curbstone you unless you’re a bear.

· I only trust pollution I can see.

· I pitty the fool that suports heath reform.

· I respect your right to say stupid things.

· I support privatized fire departments.

· I support the bowel movement.

· I think U R Hitler cuz I disagree with U.

· I think; therefore I’m here.

· I’m a Republican, but I’m not with stupid [picture of Glenn Beck].

· I’m calm. I’m rational. And I’m not going to take it anymore.

· I’m from Arizona. I apologize.

· I’m listening to you. Maybe you should try that.

· I’m not a witch…burn her anyway.

· I’m not afraid, but I’m insane.

· I’m right. You’re wrong. God said so.

· Icitation needed.

· If ignorance is bliss, then why are Glenn Beck supporters so unhappy?

· If Obama is a Muslim, can we have Fridays off?

· If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

· If U R here but don’t vote Tuesday, wtf?

· If you listen to Fox, you got a head full of rocks.

· If your beliefs fit on a sign, think harder.

· Imagine living in reality.

· In sanity we trust. Vote smart.

· It’s a democracy, not an auction.

· It’s loaded and I’m not afraid to use it. [picture of a brain]

· It’s not us vs. them cuz we’re all us.

· It’s OK to disagree. Just please use your indoor voice.

· Jesus, please protect us from us followers.

· Jon Stewart is a witch.

· Keep Boehner flaccid. Vote Democratic.

· Kentuckians against head stomping.

· Legalize gay pot.

· Let’s put other mustaches on Obama.

· Let’s use science from now on.

· Liberty and justice for all includes immigrants and gays.

· Love un employ meant.

· Make it so.

· Make mine saniTea.

· Men and women get along usually. Democrats and Republicans can too.

· Mississippi gay couples say “be nice…y’all.”

· My 16-year old students don’t even use terms like fascism, communism, and socialism

interchangeably. Sadly our leaders do.

· Not tired of defending Obama.

· Now I’m no racist but…aren’t puppies adorable?

· Obama cares.

· Obama is right-handed, just like Hitler.

· Overall I’m pretty happy.

· Overcome with fear? Free hugs here

· Palin Beck 2012 – lipstick and dipstick.

· Perhaps we can find an amicable compromise.

· Please don’t feed the protesters.

· Pro Zombie.

· Progressive values are American values.

· Public education matters in a democracy.

· Read, reason.

· Reason is pleasin’.

· Red states pay less and get more. Are you sure you are for less government?

· Regulate boardrooms, not bedrooms.

· Relax people. I think we’ll be OK.

· Repeal the third amendment.

· Repeating your point does not make your statement valid. Repeating your point does not

make your statement valid.

· Respect my intelligence.

· Respect my right to choose.

· Restore sanity. Glenn Beck not playing with a full deck.

· Restore sanity. Legalize pot.

· Restore sanity. Senators should end the unconstitutional filibuster.

· Run for your lives.

· Run marathons, not deficits.

· Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement: the Joseph McCarthy Red Scare of my generation.

· Separation of corporation and state.

· Settle the kettle. Run for your lives.

· So let’s have coffee.

· Solar powered clothes dryer. Free starter kit.

· Solutions not ideologies.

· Southerners know crazy when we see it.

· Stop bitching. Start a revolution.

· Stop illegal migration. Keep Canadian geese from entering our country.

· Stop Socialism! Boycott public roads, bridges, air traffic control, public sewers, firefighters,

police, parks, schools, and the military.

· Stop using Jesus as an excuse for being a narrow-minded bigoted a—hole.

· Stop whining. Vote.

· Support our President.

· Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.

· Tea – the new koolade.

· Tea parties are for little girls with imaginary friends.

· Thank you Fox News for keeping us inflamed.

· The asses of evil [triangle with Palin, Beck, and Tea Party at the corners}

· The Constitution means whatever we say it means.

· The voices in my head voted 8-3 in favor of sanity.

· There is always money in the banana stand.

· There is no cure for Bieber fever.

· There is not a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

· There was only one Hitler and he is dead. I should know; I’m Jewish.

· Things are looking better.

· Think outside the Fox.

· Think with your brain, not your tea bag.

· Think! It’s good for the country.

· Thinking is a liberal bias.

· Thinking like Glenn Beck has been known to cause blindness.

· This is the first sign of the apocalypse (buy gold).

· This rally’s insane.

· This sign doesn’t say anything.

· Throw the tea party overboard.

· Time to take our country back forward.

· Trick or treaters are socialists. Say no to handouts.

· Truthiness b/c the truth is more complicated.

· USA equals one nation, not 2 annoying political parties.

· Wake up America. Just kidding; go back to sleep.

· War without a draft is not democratic.

· We are not all jerks.

· We are sending you back to Alaska for a Time Out.

· We can’t afford another proudly ignorant President. [picture of Sarah Palin]

· We dislike hate.

· We have nothing to fear but Colbert himself.

· We march for hope not hate.

· We need more cowbell.

· We want sanity, not Hannity.

· We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason. –Edward R Murrow

· We’re fired up, Obama.

· When did intelligence become a curse word?

· When the power of love overcomes the love

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