Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big - Blind redux

Do you read the weekly dig? They had the best article, "The Big-Blind" detailing the process of the Patrick Administration's research and sources for the failed three casino proposal. No independent analysis, questionable researcher/studies, no citizen input and a closed process.

This might shock you but the exact same mistakes are being made on Beacon Hill with the super-secret slots bill that is being crafted behind closed doors. What information has been reviewed? Why has the Speaker refused an independent analysis? How is it that Clyde Barrows continues to be referenced in reputable media for his one-sided slots-benefit proposals that are funded by Massachusetts taxpayers and of course, the gambling industry? Clyde's patron origin "methodology (cough, cough)" is examined in the Big-Blind as well as critiqued by journalists and academics. Let me make a wild guess....Clyde (who is not an economist) will release a report real soon telling us how great slots are for the economy and future of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is truly a wonder we have survived this long without slots - the wunderkind of politicians looking for a quick fix. Slots are a hoax upon the public that has not been given the facts about the costs and long-term economic drain of slot parlors and casinos.