Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gold Collar Criminals

The fear propaganda that banks would collapse and we would all be in soup lines has succeeded. Americans have been robbed of our money by giving it to the perpetrators of the economic decline (Wall Street, Federal Reserve Private-Corporate Banking system, AIG et. al.). It was the same strategy as post 9/11 and the Weapons of Mass Destruction mantra to engage our resources in war. The strategy worked in both cases and enormous wealth has shifted from the working/middle class to the super wealthy. It is BS and Americans better wake up and learn about who and what is in control. It ain't Barack, it wasn't George W., it's the corporate banking elite. Read this Rolling Stone article (for mature audiences only).

Corporate mega casinos are just another Gold Collar Criminal money vacuum machine disguised as "entertainment" and jobs. Corporate welfare reigns and brutal capitalism beats Americans into submission.

Wake up!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Crappification Plan

A very sad day for a Constitutional officer and the Commonwealth to exhibit the nonsense of proposing slot parlors to bail Massachusetts from it's financial woes. When Treasurer Cahill first publicized his support for slots in the Commonwealth it was allegedly to be in-front of the inevitable-not, Indian casinos coming to Massachusetts. The Carcieri ruling has catapulted that myth into space. Now slot parlors, yikes.

The Spectrum Gaming report commissioned by the Governor and written by pro-casino business experts denounces racinos and slots without a destination resort. Few jobs created, money drained from the immediate economy and predatory gambling being the sole business product. The report further details the negative fiscal impacts of a casino upon abutting communities with the Town of Monson used as a model. I wrote the essay that was published in the Spectrum Gaming report analyzing potential impacts upon the school district should a class III casino be sited in Palmer. Class III destination resort casinos with all their glitter are not sound public or fiscal policy. Slot parlors are just an embarrassment.