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Saturday, February 4, 2012


A year has gone by without posting here. Find me over on facebook. Tobey's turning one this month. Life is markedly slower and more peaceful as a single parent refraining from compulsive activity. James will be sixteen at the end of May. Yikes!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Transportation Economic Development and Ridership Act

I sent the email below to my legislators and encourage you to do the same before I sent the email below to my legislators and urge you to contact yours to co-sponsor this bill before the February 4, 2011 deadline for co-sponsors.

Dear Representative Ashe and Senator Brewer:

"I hope you will add your name as a co-sponsor to the Transportation Economic Development and Ridership Act submmitted by our friend Rep. Carl Sciortino (Medford).
This bill will create a safer, more modern transportation system across the entire commonwealth by increasing public transportation ridership, fixing deteriorating roads, spurring job creation, and creating more transportation choices for consumers. I greatly appreciate your support for infrastructure improvements in my community and our region. We still have a long way to go to repair and improve our transportation systems which are not only economically vital but needed for safety.
Please contact the office of Rep. Carl Sciortino (Medford) to add your name as a co-sponsor to House docket #2840."

Friday, December 10, 2010


As a nation we used to respect elected officials who had passion, intelligence and oratory skills; some of us still honor those who do.

It is unlikely however, and I say this with great sadness, that many of the current US Senators, including the pair from Massachusetts, could hold a match to Mr. Sanders' vision and light.

It's time to raise the bar and support those who have a clear and progressive vision for this country.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Emergency Planning Building Capacity

Check out the Town of Monson Emergency Preparedness conversation with community members, Liz Manley-Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Coordinator and me at the Monson Free Library (click November 16, 2010 Emergency Preparedness).

Thank you to our MRC volunteers, the Monson Board of Health, Council on Aging, School Department, Monson Free Library, the Local Emergency Planning Committee, American Red Cross-Pioneer Valley Chapter, Board of Selectmen, Mass211, M-PACT-TV and our First Responders - Police, Fire and EMTs.

For more information about family emergency preparedness go to

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eclectic list of signs at "Rally for Sanity and/or Fear"

CREDIT to Don Chauls for sharing the below stories:

Subject: Signs at the Stewart/Colbert rally
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 19:51:31 -0400

There were so many people on the mall Saturday that I was unable to see or hear anything from the stage. I guess the organizers were not expecting so many, and thus did not place speakers far enough back for the last two-thirds of us. Since I couldn't follow what was happening on the stage, I used my time to collect signs.

My collection was totally eclectic, its only rule being that I had to be able to read the entire sign. Much to my surprise, very few of them were printed; at least 95% (other than those that just touted 'sanity' and 'fear') were unique, hand-written signs. They covered a very wide range of topics - with pro-Democratic and anti-Tea Party or Glenn Beck or Fox being in the majority (or perhaps just a plurality), but by no means overwhelming. A few were Republican. Many focused on keeping the dialogue civil. Some made no sense at all.

Rather than attempt to organize them in any way, here they are:

· $2 billion a day for war isn’t security. It’s a scandal.

· A fact ignored is no less true.

· A pox on Fox.

· A true American eats bald eagle eggs.

· America seems cranky. Time for a night.

· Apprehensive Canadians for truthiness.

· Assuming either the left wing or the right wing gained control of the country, it would

probably fly around in circles. –Pat Paulsen

· Be afraid. It’s all going to hell.

· Be the change you wish to see in the world. –Gandhi

· Bipartisanship is not gay hookup.

· Boycott Arizona.

· Can common and sense be legally remarried in the USA?

· Canadians for a sensible America.

· Change hurts, but I like it.

· Charter schools are good sometimes, but not always.

· Civil discourse sound sane to me.

· Civil war was an inside job.

· Civilized debate should be an oxymoron.

· Class warrior.

· Comedians make better news anchors.

· Corporations are not We the People.

· Crazy about sanity.

· Dear God, please protect us against your ‘good’ people.

· Dear Press: Please report the news instead of sensationalizing it. You are giving me a


· Decibels do not good arguments make.

· Dialog not diatribe.

· Did some1 say chimichanga.

· Disagree agreeably.

· Divided we all fall.

· Don’t let NO win.

· Don’t like government? Move to Somalia (take your AK-47).

· Don’t touch my death panels.

· Don’t tread on anyone. It’s rude.

· Dumb [picture of Sarah Palin] and dumber [picture of Christine O’Donnell]

· Eat more and bigger pretzels.

· Ecology not economy.

· Education doesn’t make you an elitist. It makes you smart.

· Election 2000: It’s not your vote that counts. It’s how your vote is counted.

· End the electoral college.

· End the two-party system.

· Everyone on earth is unique and beautiful. How can we trust them?

· Evidence based government.

· Extreme fundamental orthodox moderate.

· Extreme moderate.

Fear Obama’s Xcellence

· Fear all GOD experts

· Floridians




· Fox keeps fear alive.

· Fox lies 4 ratings.

· Fox News says I’m not here right now.

· Fox News: fibs and balderdash.

· Fred says won’t you be my neighbor?

· Freedom of speech does not negate common sense.

· Friends don’t let friends teabag.

· Get high on political awareness.

· Get the government out of my federal entitlement programs.

· Get your church out of my state.

· Go Steelers.

· Got PIISD? (Private Insurance Induced Stress Disorder) Get the cure: Improved Medicare for All.

· Got schools? police? fire departments? medical care? etc.? etc.? Brought to you by your government and paid for by your taxes.

· Gravity is only a theory.

· Grizzly bears are taking our jobs.

· Grizzly bears. Foxes. Elephants. When did my country turn into a circus?

· Hate the deficit. Legalize and tax marijuana.

· He who slings mud loses ground.

· He’s black. Get over it.

· Health care for everyone is not socialism. It’s humane – and sane. Just ask a Canadian.

· Hey Congress: Stop fighting. Get to work.

· Hey Tea Baggers. We don’t want the government you deserve.

· Hi mom. I’m an atheist.

· How can we have a conversation if you answer questions with talking points.

· I am afraid of tornados and I’m reasonably worried about religious fundamentalists.

· I am not a witch. I just don’t know the Constitution.

· I am not afraid to be afraid.

· I am the silent majority and I vote.

· I can be persuaded by a logical argument.

· I can see Obama’s birth certificate from my front porch.

· I don’t do original thought very well.

· I don’t know, but my gut says ‘maybe.’

· I fear the Washington Monument is turning me gay.

· I know how to spell. Yes, I’m an elitist.

· I masturbate and I vote.

· I may disagree with you, but I won’t curbstone you unless you’re a bear.

· I only trust pollution I can see.

· I pitty the fool that suports heath reform.

· I respect your right to say stupid things.

· I support privatized fire departments.

· I support the bowel movement.

· I think U R Hitler cuz I disagree with U.

· I think; therefore I’m here.

· I’m a Republican, but I’m not with stupid [picture of Glenn Beck].

· I’m calm. I’m rational. And I’m not going to take it anymore.

· I’m from Arizona. I apologize.

· I’m listening to you. Maybe you should try that.

· I’m not a witch…burn her anyway.

· I’m not afraid, but I’m insane.

· I’m right. You’re wrong. God said so.

· Icitation needed.

· If ignorance is bliss, then why are Glenn Beck supporters so unhappy?

· If Obama is a Muslim, can we have Fridays off?

· If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

· If U R here but don’t vote Tuesday, wtf?

· If you listen to Fox, you got a head full of rocks.

· If your beliefs fit on a sign, think harder.

· Imagine living in reality.

· In sanity we trust. Vote smart.

· It’s a democracy, not an auction.

· It’s loaded and I’m not afraid to use it. [picture of a brain]

· It’s not us vs. them cuz we’re all us.

· It’s OK to disagree. Just please use your indoor voice.

· Jesus, please protect us from us followers.

· Jon Stewart is a witch.

· Keep Boehner flaccid. Vote Democratic.

· Kentuckians against head stomping.

· Legalize gay pot.

· Let’s put other mustaches on Obama.

· Let’s use science from now on.

· Liberty and justice for all includes immigrants and gays.

· Love un employ meant.

· Make it so.

· Make mine saniTea.

· Men and women get along usually. Democrats and Republicans can too.

· Mississippi gay couples say “be nice…y’all.”

· My 16-year old students don’t even use terms like fascism, communism, and socialism

interchangeably. Sadly our leaders do.

· Not tired of defending Obama.

· Now I’m no racist but…aren’t puppies adorable?

· Obama cares.

· Obama is right-handed, just like Hitler.

· Overall I’m pretty happy.

· Overcome with fear? Free hugs here

· Palin Beck 2012 – lipstick and dipstick.

· Perhaps we can find an amicable compromise.

· Please don’t feed the protesters.

· Pro Zombie.

· Progressive values are American values.

· Public education matters in a democracy.

· Read, reason.

· Reason is pleasin’.

· Red states pay less and get more. Are you sure you are for less government?

· Regulate boardrooms, not bedrooms.

· Relax people. I think we’ll be OK.

· Repeal the third amendment.

· Repeating your point does not make your statement valid. Repeating your point does not

make your statement valid.

· Respect my intelligence.

· Respect my right to choose.

· Restore sanity. Glenn Beck not playing with a full deck.

· Restore sanity. Legalize pot.

· Restore sanity. Senators should end the unconstitutional filibuster.

· Run for your lives.

· Run marathons, not deficits.

· Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement: the Joseph McCarthy Red Scare of my generation.

· Separation of corporation and state.

· Settle the kettle. Run for your lives.

· So let’s have coffee.

· Solar powered clothes dryer. Free starter kit.

· Solutions not ideologies.

· Southerners know crazy when we see it.

· Stop bitching. Start a revolution.

· Stop illegal migration. Keep Canadian geese from entering our country.

· Stop Socialism! Boycott public roads, bridges, air traffic control, public sewers, firefighters,

police, parks, schools, and the military.

· Stop using Jesus as an excuse for being a narrow-minded bigoted a—hole.

· Stop whining. Vote.

· Support our President.

· Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.

· Tea – the new koolade.

· Tea parties are for little girls with imaginary friends.

· Thank you Fox News for keeping us inflamed.

· The asses of evil [triangle with Palin, Beck, and Tea Party at the corners}

· The Constitution means whatever we say it means.

· The voices in my head voted 8-3 in favor of sanity.

· There is always money in the banana stand.

· There is no cure for Bieber fever.

· There is not a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

· There was only one Hitler and he is dead. I should know; I’m Jewish.

· Things are looking better.

· Think outside the Fox.

· Think with your brain, not your tea bag.

· Think! It’s good for the country.

· Thinking is a liberal bias.

· Thinking like Glenn Beck has been known to cause blindness.

· This is the first sign of the apocalypse (buy gold).

· This rally’s insane.

· This sign doesn’t say anything.

· Throw the tea party overboard.

· Time to take our country back forward.

· Trick or treaters are socialists. Say no to handouts.

· Truthiness b/c the truth is more complicated.

· USA equals one nation, not 2 annoying political parties.

· Wake up America. Just kidding; go back to sleep.

· War without a draft is not democratic.

· We are not all jerks.

· We are sending you back to Alaska for a Time Out.

· We can’t afford another proudly ignorant President. [picture of Sarah Palin]

· We dislike hate.

· We have nothing to fear but Colbert himself.

· We march for hope not hate.

· We need more cowbell.

· We want sanity, not Hannity.

· We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason. –Edward R Murrow

· We’re fired up, Obama.

· When did intelligence become a curse word?

· When the power of love overcomes the love